The HydroWell® is a water can style hydration system that can provide 30 liters of highly safe and pure electrolyte enriched drink from nearly any water source. The Forward Osmosis membrane is built into the cap and will remove viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and cysts without any pumping or power. The HydroWell® comes with a can with the filter element attached, a drink feed tube, a wrench, a can for clean water, twenty 13.9 oz. sports drink nutrient charges and a cleaning kit. The system sets up in minutes and can be used as a stationary or vehicle mounted system. To operate, simply fill one can with dirty water to be filtered, plug one nutrient charge pouch into the cap, and the HydroWell® will immediately start producing a great tasting clean drink.

HydroWell 2
HydroWell 2

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