SeaPack Kit

Introducing the world's first osmotic desalination kit. Intended for emergency use, the SeaPack® produces a potentially life-saving drink directly from seawater in a reusable bladder.  The filtered drink is very similar to the juice from pressed grapes and provides important calories that wil be a source of energy boosting nutrients during an emergency survival situation.

The SeaPack® is a multi-use emergency desalination filter that removes 97% of salt from seawater to produce 500 ml of electrolyte enhanced emergency hydration drink per use. This filter can be used 8 times in seawater over 10 days. The natural Forward Osmosis process requires no pumping and the tight membrane filter removes viruses, bacteria and cysts in addition to salt from the seawater. The SeaPack® comes with eight 4 oz. grape nutrient charges. The SeaPack® is simple to use; just inject one 4 oz. nutrient charge bottle into the green port, and fill the red port with saltwater. Nature takes over from there, osmotically drawing fresh water through the membrane while rejecting salt molecules. The filter will produce a life saving drink in as little as 5 hours.

Because the SeaPack® is passive, there is no pumping involved. This is obviously an advantage if the user has been injured and would have difficulty operating a pump-style system. 

No pumping

High salt rejection – 97%, about 0.5 g of salt is added to the 0.5-litre drink

Five-year shelf life

Volume:  500 ml

Filter life:  8 uses in seawater within 10 days

Filter drink output:  500 ml in 5 hours at 20°C and 8 hours at 5°C

User effort: seconds to fill, no work required for filtering

Manufacturer: Hydration Technology Innovations

Product Code: SeaPackKit


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